The Solution Rocks

Got problems? You've found The Solution: A Baltimore-area acoustical duet that was founded on the principals of good music and good times. They play all of your classic, modern rock and country favorites, but The Solution provides their own unique twist- an acoustic guitar driven by intense percussion and vocal harmonization gives this 2-piece group a "full band" sound!

Formed in July, 2000, guitarist Pat Owens and percussionist Mike Needer had one thing in mind: They sought the passion and energy of a full band, but also the intimacy of a small, acoustic act. Their wish was promptly granted. They formed a 2-piece group and began playing at various bars and restaurants in the Baltimore area.

Today, Pat and Mike are involved in a variety of projects other than their own. The Solution has not only become a popular 2-piece act, but has helped these musicians gain opportunities to play on a number of different stages. However, no matter what other project arises, Mike & Pat have been (and always will be) the backbone of The Solution.

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